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Child's Nature Pediatric Therapy

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It's about the kids

What Makes Child's Nature Special?

We are a small, locally owned business with a dedicated team of therapists who have a calling and passion for serving children and families.

We have a specialized focus on complex developmental disorders,  family-centered care and progress. All therapy is evidence based and  nurtures the parent-child dyad. We have a large support system of colleagues and professionals whom we work with closely. With family approval, we love to collaborate with schools and other professionals to provide our clients with a holistic approach to their therapeutic care. 

We believe that children are natural born learners. We believe that all children have worth and value in a way that contributes to society. We want children to be able to grow, learn, communicate and play in ways that are naturally motivating. It is through a child's play and nature that we are best able to help them grow and learn. 

When appropriate, we utilize our outdoor therapy space and local parks/trails to work on therapeutic goals.


Our Dedication


Speech Generating Devices

We have a 100% acquisition rate for children needing speech generating devices. Every child deserves a voice.


We believe in a child's rights to a free and appropriate education. We review IEPs for all our clients and offer guidance on how to get the most for your child's education. 

Parent testimonials

"My daughter receives some  of the best Speech Therapy available here at Child's Nature. Carrie is  very intuitive and easily finds what learning strategy is best for the  child so that they are learning while also having a ton of fun. Carrie  is very dedicated and passionate. We have been a client now for several  years and I am still amazed at her ability to understand my child and  figure out new creative ways to help her learn." - Tiffany O.

"We have worked with Carrie  for years and have now followed her to Child's Nature. I could never  recommend a better therapist than Carrie and her staff.  She has become  an amazing advocate for our whole family and we cannot appreciate her enough!!" - Stacia F.

"I highly recommend them!  My son had a speech delay and we started therapy for him when he was 2.  Child's Nature has an exceptional play based therapy that he really  thrived with and I have learned a lot from Carrie as well. We are  definitely doing more programs with them!" - Rachel M.

"My son participated in a  social skills group.  The experience was so much fun and very engaging!   He was sad when it ended. I highly recommend Child’s Nature!!!" - Stephanie S.

"The staff at Child’s  Nature is nothing short of amazing. This is truly a child-centered,  play-based, individualized approach to therapy and reading services." - Andrea B.

"Carrie and her team are  amazing.  They are compassionate to each families personal goals and  desires. They are family centered and child focused.  I’d recommend  childs nature to anyone." - Lindsey L.

"Carrie Kerr, owner of  Child’s Nature, is one of the most dedicated and passionate therapists  I’ve had the joy of working with. She always goes above and beyond and  fights for her kiddos and families. She is highly selective with all the  other therapists on her team, and they are all amazing as well. Carrie  is also the only Speech Path I will refer to for clients needing AAC." - Brittiany S.

"I had the pleasure of  taking my toddler to a Toddler Time that Child's Nature had! My girl  loved it so much!!! She played with new friends and learned alot, as did  my husband and I! The team there was amazing, encouraging,  knowledgeable, and so kind and nice! I highly recommend them!!" - Sonya B.

"The services here are provided by a wonderful team who will go above and beyond to help a child." - Kaitlyn K. 

"Excellent child and family focused therapists!" - Matt K.